Podiatry and Orthotics:

Podiatry is the assessment and treatment of the foot structure. Walking problems, toe joint and arch pain, heel pain, and pulled muscles in the foot are just some of the areas treatable by a podiatrist, along with bio mechanical examinations, video gait analysis and the provision of orthotics.

A Podiatrist can also provide treatment for lower limb complications that arise from conditions such as Diabetes, Mellitus, HIV, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many neurological conditions. Our podiatrist also offers Biomechanical analysis.

Biomechanics is the study of dynamic body mechanics and the relationship one movement has on other parts of the body.
The podiatrist will preserve, restore and develop the function of the foot and gait to ensure efficient biomechanical movement throughout the body.
A Biomechanical examination by our podiatrists can involve measurements of all the joints from the hips down, video gait analysis, and perhaps strapping, padding or orthotics. By helping the body’s mechanics podiatry has a key role in treating and preventing sports injuries.

Our podiatrists:

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You can now use our online booking for osteopathy and physiotherapy treatments and phone line is open: 02077395666 and you can also use this form if out of hours.

For osteopathy treatments with Torben please call the clinic.

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We are wearing masks plus aprons and gloves (changed between each treatment) and using multiple air purifying devices plus continuous cleaning to keep everybody safe.
We also expect our clients to keep us safe by not coming to see us if there is even a small risk that they have been exposed to the corona virus.

Please be on time for your appointment but no more than 5 minutes before as we minimise social contact.
Please wear a mask when in the building - if you do not have any, we will give you one.

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