A little about homeopathy
Homeopathy is a holistic system of healing, suitable for everyone, young and old. Homeopathy has been used in the UK for over 200 years. In 1796 a brilliant doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, developed the scientific and philosophical foundations of this gentler way of healing.
Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources, mostly plants, minerals and metals that undergo a process of ‘potentisation’. This creates tiny doses, which have a vital therapeutic action, stimulating the body’s own healing power.

Homeopathy is a safe medicine: there is no danger of addiction, toxicity or side effects. It is therefore popular with everyone including women, children and babies.
Our homeopaths treats the underlying causes of ill health rather than the symptoms alone. Homeopathy also prevents illness. It is a subtle yet powerful therapy that can correct small imbalances long before the appearance of more serious symptoms.
Homeopathy promotes complete health in its fullest sense. People who have had homeopathic treatment are generally better able to resist infection, feel well, have vitality and a positive outlook in life.

A Healing Partnership
Patients are not viewed as passive recipients of homeopathic medicine. Our homeopaths see healing as a partnership, with the patient, practitioner and remedies working together to restore well-being.
Depending on the illness and symptoms, our homeopath prescribes homeopathy as an alternative to or alongside conventional medicine. Homeopathy is a flexible medicine and our homeopath aims to work with you to establish what your needs are and how she can safely and effectively meet them.
Hilary practices homeopathy as a science and an art, drawing on both sound knowledge and intuition to make the right prescription.

The Homeopathic Consultation
Homeopaths understand that establishing good health involves treating both mind and body, therefore time is taken to listen to your emotional and physical symptoms. The homeopathic consultation also involves observation for example noting the appearance of a skin complaint, but not physical examination.
The first consultation lasts 1 hour 15 minutes. This involves you being asked questions about your current ill-health, your previous medical history and aspects of your physical and emotional make-up, for example, mood, sleep, energy levels, appetite. As homeopaths we try to find out what is individual about you in order to find the right remedy to help make you well.
Follow-up consultations are every 3 – 6 weeks and last 45 minutes.

A wide range of conditions respond well to homeopathic treatment, please feel free to ask our homeopaths if they think homeopathy can help before booking your appointment.

about ralf

Our Homeopaths: Hilary Fairclough, BA(Hons), RGN, RSHom
Registered Homeopath

Hilary is not working in this clinic but can be contacted:

Neals Yard Therapy Rooms,
2 Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP.
Tel: 020 7379 7662 (appointments).

Hilary trained in homeopathy at the London College of Classical Homeopathy, qualifying in 1995. She is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths and abides by its professional Code of Ethics and Practice.
Before training to be a homeopath, she worked as a nurse for 10 years and she is also a trained bereavement counselor. These qualifications give her excellent mainstream medical knowledge and skills to assess her client's medical, physical and mental status and needs.
Her experience as a homeopath includes setting up two NHS Homeopathy Clinics and she is a founder and Clinical Director of The Maun Homeopathy Project, a registered charity (no:1109958) which provides free homeopathic outreach clinics for people living with HIV and AIDS in Maun, Botswana.
Jayne Middlemiss, TV presenter:
“I’ve been seeing a homeopath, Hilary Fairclough, who’s fabulous and has been treating me since about 1998. It’s helped me through some really difficult patches in my life and it’s really supportive without being intrusive. I would go to my homeopath before my doctor, unless it’s something really serious. I’ve tried most alternative therapies available to be honest. The one that I’ve stuck with is homeopathy and I think I will always use that.”

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